Augmented Reality Concept for Shinola Personalization

Conduct research on the Shinola brand and identify a problem related to its product personalization process. The goal is to design and develop a concept Augmented Reality (AR) experience to address the problem and enhance the user shopping journey. Additionally, create a shopping app and UI since Shinola currently lacks these elements.

Shinola, renowned for its craftsmanship, faced a challenge in its product personalization offering. While they provided engraving and personalization services, potential customers lacked a means to preview these customizations before making a purchase decision. Compounding this, Shinola currently doesn't have a shopping app, and their desktop website is the primary online interface.

The Problem

The absence of a preview option for engravings and personalizations meant customers couldn't visualize the final product. This uncertainty hindered decision-making and potentially led to hesitancy in purchasing personalized Shinola items. Additionally, the lack of a dedicated shopping app limited the accessibility of their online offerings.

Research and Discovery

Conducted in-depth research into Shinola's products and the personalization process. Explored user reviews, market trends, and the competitive landscape to gain insights into customer expectations and industry standards.

Concept Development

Designed an innovative AR experience aimed at the iPad Pro 11-inch, leveraging the device's capabilities for an immersive and realistic preview of engravings and personalizations on Shinola products. Simultaneously, crafted a dedicated shopping app and UI based on Shinola's brand identity and ethos.

  • Real-time Visualization: Users can see a real-time, 3D preview of the chosen engravings or personalizations on their selected Shinola product.
  • Customization Options: The AR interface allows users to experiment with various fonts, sizes, and styles, providing a comprehensive customization experience.
  • Interactive Elements: Users can rotate, zoom, and interact with the virtual product to examine the personalization details from different angles.
  • Shopping App: Created a user-friendly shopping app with a seamless interface, mirroring Shinola's brand identity, to enhance accessibility and convenience for users.

Utilized AR development tools to bring the concept to life. Integrated the AR experience seamlessly into the crafted shopping app, ensuring a cohesive and delightful user journey.

The AR concept successfully addressed the problem of uncertainty in personalized product purchases, and the introduction of the shopping app expanded the brand's digital reach. Early user testing indicated increased confidence among shoppers, translating into higher conversion rates for personalized Shinola items.

This case study not only highlights the strategic application of Augmented Reality but also addresses the challenge of crafting a shopping app in the absence of one. The concepts presented align with Shinola's brand values and demonstrate a holistic approach to enhancing the digital shopping experience.

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