Say Their Names

Data Visualization
The objective of this project was to utilize data as a means of storytelling and create an interactive art installation that would bring attention to a topic of personal significance. I chose to focus on the issue of police brutality in the Black community, a cause that I feel passionately about. To do so, I sourced data from a database and utilized it to create a visually impactful installation.

The installation was designed in a grid layout, with each card representing a documented instance of police brutality. The cards are ordered chronologically and provide information such as the date, cause of death, age, location, and a QR code that links to further information on the victim's story.

The aim of this project was to shed light on the devastating effects of police brutality within the Black community and provide a space for people to educate themselves and engage with this important issue. The art installation serves as a powerful tool to bring attention to the systemic problem of police brutality and to honor the lives lost to this epidemic.

Front Side of Card - Face of Individual Killed

Back Side of Card - Data along with a QR Code to their story


This project aimed to provide a visual representation of data through the creation of an interactive installation. My role involved thoroughly verifying each case presented to ensure that accurate and correct images, names, and information were utilized. As a means of interaction, images of those killed were displayed on postcards, with relevant details such as name, location, age, and cause of death featured on the reverse side. Additionally, a QR code was included, providing access to audio files, videos, articles, and donation forums. A placard was also placed alongside the installation, featuring a quote by Martin Luther King Jr. that emphasized the importance of speaking out against injustice. Alongside this, an overview of the project was provided, with QR codes enabling viewers to take action and contribute names of individuals who are not depicted in the experience.


Overall, this project provided me with a unique opportunity to combine my design skills with my passion for using data to drive social impact and engage with audiences in meaningful ways.

Databases/ Sources