Reqiuem For a Dream 

Motion Design

The purpose of this project was to create a title sequence-- using motion design-- for any movie of our choice. The movie I chose was Requiem for a Dream as my film of choice. I chose this film because the film has an effective use of metaphor and symbolism to tell a story.

Through typography, imagery, symbolism, metaphor, and footage, I was to design a title sequence that created a sense of the movie and looked like it came straight from the movie. During my research, I gathered information about the main characters, the filmmakers' backgrounds, the movie's setting, the plot nuances, and its historical context. I used found photos/footage & After Effects to create this sequence.

Throughout the course of this project, I became familiar with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. Additionally, it was my first experience collecting found footage. In this project, I developed my ability to utilize typography and footage to convey a message.

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