Let Black Men Cry

Screenprint on Fabric
This project tasked us with the challenge of conveying a narrative centered around a subject we hold a passion for, utilizing various screenprinting techniques. The objective was to creatively merge the technicalities of screenprinting with the art of storytelling, to produce a visually impactful and meaningful representation of our passions.

39 x 55” / Screenprinting on Cotton, denim, various fabrics, machine quilting, and iron-on appliqués


Growing up, many Black men are taught to keep their emotions bottled up and "man up" in the face of vulnerability. This can lead to feelings of isolation and the inability to express themselves, even to those closest to them. But here's the thing, everyone deserves the chance to experience and express their emotions - including Black men.

So, next time your Black son, nephew, grandfather, uncle, brother, father, or cousin start to open up and show vulnerability, don't shut them down. Encourage them. Let them cry and be human. They deserve it.