Lansing Juneteenth Celebration


The objective of this project was to select a Michigan Tourist Event and create a poster series that ecompasses that event.

The event I selected was Lansing Juneteenth Celebration. I selected this event because Juneteenth is very important to me. Being a black woman, I think it is very important that people celebrate Juneteenth. Juneteenth is the day that slavery was ended and all enslaved peoples were announced to be freed.

To start this project, I selected three events that are interesting to me. After doing the process of elimination, I selected the Lansing Juneteenth Celebration. After that, we were tasked to do image collecting. We needed to collect images that embodies the essence of the event--What does Juneteenth taste like, smell like, sound like, feel like, and look like.

We then did a bit of collaging with the images we collected! Over snacks and sparkling water of course!
After that, I took some techniques used in my collaging and switched to working digitally. It took a lot of trial and error until making my final product.

The project provided me with knowledge on how to design a poster series that communicates information necessary for toursists to attend an event.