LaPerle Emporium

Web Design + Social Media Content Creation
La Perle Emporium, co-founded by Angel Dupree and Shalika Sanders, is a boutique brand dedicated to celebrating sisterhood, empowerment, and the legacies of remarkable women within the Black Greek Letter Organizations (BGLOs).


La Perle Emporium approached us with a captivating vision: to create a digital presence that embodies the essence of sisterhood, celebrates empowerment, and honors the legacies of extraordinary women within BGLOs. They needed a website and social media content that would effectively convey their brand's narrative while reflecting its richness and depth.

The Approach:

Our approach to meeting La Perle Emporium's challenge was multifaceted. We began by conducting in-depth research into the history and values of BGLOs, as well as exploring the concept of sisterhood and empowerment within these organizations. This allowed us to gain a deep understanding of our client's target audience and the cultural significance of their brand.

Next, we collaborated closely with Angel Dupree and Shalika Sanders to translate their vision into a cohesive digital strategy. We crafted a website design that seamlessly integrated elements of sisterhood, empowerment, and the rich legacies of BGLOs. Our team focused on creating a user-friendly interface that would engage visitors while effectively conveying the brand's message.


Since the launch of their new website and social media content, La Perle Emporium has experienced a significant increase in online engagement and brand visibility. The website has become a central hub for individuals seeking to connect with the empowering message of sisterhood and celebrate the legacies of remarkable women within BGLOs. Additionally, their social media presence continues to grow, with a dedicated following of engaged users who actively participate in discussions and share their own stories of empowerment.


Our collaboration with La Perle Emporium exemplifies our commitment to creating impactful digital experiences that resonate with audiences on a profound level. By understanding the cultural significance of our client's brand and translating their vision into a compelling digital narrative, we were able to help La Perle Emporium connect with their target audience in a meaningful way, fostering a community built on empowerment, sisterhood, and celebration.