Couture Hair Gallery

Brand Identity Design
As a black woman and a communication designer, I had the privilege of shaping the brand identity for Couture Hair Gallery, an emerging black-owned hair company. This case study narrates the thoughtful journey from conception to realization of a brand identity that is set to define the company’s market presence.


The project’s aim was to create a brand identity that would not only stand out visually but also encapsulate the essence of the brand’s future. It needed to be bold, sophisticated, and reflective of the beauty and strength of black women.


The creative process commenced with moodboarding, an essential step that allowed me to collate visual inspirations and establish the aesthetic direction for the brand. This phase was instrumental in defining the elements that would later shape the brand’s visual narrative.

With a clear vision from the moodboard, I crafted the logo, a symbol of elegance and empowerment. The design features the silhouette of a black woman, her wavy hair, fuller lips, and wider nose serving as an homage to our heritage.

The color palette was meticulously developed to convey the brand’s sophistication and warmth, while the typography was chosen for its ability to communicate both strength and grace. The script font selected for the company name adds sophistication to the brand.

Brand Applications

A few brand applications were also conceptualized to demonstrate the versatility of the brand identity. These included tags for hair bundles, product packaging, and digital assets, each designed to ensure brand cohesion across all customer touchpoints.


The creation of Couture Hair Gallery’s brand identity was a deeply personal endeavor that went beyond traditional design boundaries. It was about crafting a narrative that’s yet to unfold and setting the stage for a brand that’s ready to celebrate the diversity and beauty of black women.