Black Creatives Club+

Student Organization at CCS
2019 - 2023
Role: President & Founder

As the President and Founder of the College for Creative Studies (CCS) Black Student Union, I embarked on a journey to craft a brand identity that would resonate with our vibrant and creative community. This case study delves into the development of a visual identity that reflected unity, creativity, and empowerment.

In 2019, the CCS Black Student Union was in its infancy, lacking a cohesive brand identity. My challenge was to create a visual language that not only represented our values but also spoke to the hearts of the student body and the broader community.

My Approach

With a deep personal commitment to this project, I initiated conversations with fellow students to capture their vision and values. This collaborative approach laid the foundation for a brand strategy that encapsulated the essence of our organization.

To promote the CCS Black Student Union and our events, I created captivating print and physical collateral. Flyers, posters, banners, and event programs became vehicles for our vibrant brand identity.

Meeting Pictures

Event Pictures

The brand identity received an overwhelmingly positive response, propelling the CCS Black Student Union into a hub of engagement, collaboration, and empowerment.

This case study reflects my commitment to purpose-driven branding and community empowerment.

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