Artistic Liberation

2023 Senior Thesis - A Campaign for Diversity and Inclusion in the Arts

The Artistic Liberation campaign is an initiative aimed at breaking down barriers for Black and minority artists and designers. The campaign seeks to raise awareness about the historical and ongoing underrepresentation of minority artists in the art world, and advocates for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion within it.


Through a range of programs, resources, and support, the Artistic Liberation campaign aims to help minority artists and designers thrive in their field. This includes providing access to mentorship, funding opportunities, and networking events, as well as offering educational resources and tools to help artists develop their skills and build their portfolios.

At the heart of the Artistic Liberation campaign is a commitment to creating systemic change within the art world, and promoting a more just and equitable future for Black and minority artists. By connecting with members of the community, building partnerships with like-minded organizations, and engaging with audiences through social media and other channels, the campaign is working to build a more inclusive and diverse art world where all artists have an equal opportunity to succeed.

The Artistic Liberation campaign is a powerful movement that is making a real impact on the art world, and is an important resource for minority artists and designers who are looking to break down barriers and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.


The process of creating the Artistic Liberation campaign was a journey that involved several milestones. Initially, my focus was narrow, and I was determined to highlight only black artists through the Black Artists Matter campaign. As a result of my work with the Black Creatives Club+, a student organization at CCS that I had been involved in for four years, it felt natural to focus my thesis on black artists. However, as I delved deeper into the campaign, I began to feel uneasy. I realized that it was not only black artists who were underrepresented in art institutions & within the art world but all non-white artists and designers. At that point, I decided to pivot my focus and create a visual campaign that called for greater diversity and inclusion in the arts industry, and thus Artistic Liberation was born. This campaign aims to elevate all non-white artists and designers and create awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the arts.

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Brand Identity

As a branding professional, I understood the importance of developing a strong brand identity for the Artistic Liberation campaign. I drew inspiration from the rich history and vibrant culture of Black and minority communities, and used this to inform the campaign's visual identity.

For the headline font, I chose MARTIN because it shows authority and power. MARTIN is a non-violent typeface inspired by remnants of the Memphis Sanitation Strike of 1968. This font was the perfect choice to convey the campaign's message of empowerment and advocacy.

For the body text, I chose the font IvyOra, a Dutch Old Face font. I chose this font because of its classic and elegant serifs, which added a touch of sophistication to the campaign's messaging. The combination of MARTIN and IvyOra created a strong visual identity that helped the campaign stand out and grab people's attention.

Working closely with members of the community, I also incorporated imagery and design elements that celebrated the diversity and creativity of the community, such as abstract patterns and bold typography. In addition to the visual elements, I also developed a brand voice and messaging platform that was empowering, inclusive, and focused on driving real change.

By engaging with members of the community and listening to their perspectives and insights, I was able to develop a brand identity that truly reflected the values and goals of the campaign. Overall, I believe that a strong brand identity is crucial for any campaign or initiative, and I am proud of the work I did to develop the Artistic Liberation campaign's visual and messaging platform.


In conclusion, the Artistic Liberation campaign is a testament to the power of pivoting and adapting to change. This project served as my 2023 senior thesis and allowed me to showcase my skills as a communication designer and marketing strategist. Through this project, I was able to recognize the limitations of my initial concept and broaden my focus to include all non-white artists and designers. The campaign aimed to shed light on the underrepresentation of non-white artists in art institutions and advocated for greater diversity and inclusion in the arts industry. Artistic Liberation serves as a reminder of the importance of inclusivity and representation in all areas of design and art, and I am proud to have been a part of this project.