Branding Bozeman's Udderly Unique 826 Store - Mooma Mia

Brand Identity Design

This project was a solo assignment where I was tasked with creating a unique identity for a fictional 826 store in Bozeman, Montana. The store, named "Mooma Mia," is a dairy-focused retail establishment located at 1001 Dairy Lane in Bozeman. The location was chosen based on Bozeman's reputation as a hub of wildlife and nature, including a concentration of dairy farms in the area. My objective was to develop a comprehensive brand identity that accurately represents the essence of Mooma Mia and its location in Bozeman.

Mooma Mia, located in Bozeman, Montana, is a 826 dairy store that champions the appreciation of cows and their contributions to society. Our objective is to raise awareness on the ethical treatment of cows, highlighting their significance beyond their traditional role as a source of food. At Mooma Mia, we believe that cows are more than just a commodity, they are our friends and deserve to be celebrated for their unique qualities and contributions.


  1. We promise that your experience at Mooma Mia will leave you feeling cheerful and uplifted.
  2. We promise that you'll have an udderly great time at Mooma Mia, as we celebrate the unique and valuable contributions of our bovine friends.
  3. We promise that our exceptional service and commitment to ethical treatment of cows sets us apart from any udder store, ensuring a delightful experience for all.
  4. We promise to keep you a-moo-sed with our whimsical and entertaining atmosphere, where you can learn about and appreciate the wonderful world of cows.
  5. We promise that a visit to Mooma Mia won't spoil your day - in fact, it will enhance it, as we share our passion for cows and promote their ethical treatment.

I started off this project with a team research presentation. My partner in doing this was Johanna Moreta. We were tasked to research and create a presentation about the city of Bozeman, MT and what makes it unique. We were then asked to generate store ideas and create moodboard for each. Then settled on one that I felt resonated with the city the most, which was Mooma Mia. After deciding, it was then time to come up with a rough identity for it.

This project offered a unique opportunity to delve into the realm of brand identity design by creating my own brand, Mooma Mia. This process involved a thorough exploration of the brand's culture and values, its position within the market, and the development of its visual identity. The end result was a comprehensive and cohesive representation of Mooma Mia, which I was able to bring to life through my creative expression and attention to detail.